We are the crew

A core of four, who hail from the dear old white and blue

CJ, TC, Worth, & Preach

Comrades and brothers,embodying loyalty football couldn’t teach

Roaming the halls, adventurous retreats, hearing Mr. Russ fuss

Through Bowling Green, Dayton, & Ohio State testing our livers and our trust

Chasing Beaumont & Regina girls at mixers, homecomings, and prom

Trips to Chicago, Tampa, & Charlotte, creating memories, building our bond

Though classmates, it became real our junior and senior years — fighting through racism, culture shock, and fake friends to get here

1 married, 1 homeowner, 1 partier, and 1 adrift — busy and mature yet for each other always near

We dreamed of getting out of Benedictine, unsure of our future and our imprint

We dream of going back to a simpler time, hard lessons of adulthood have left us unbroken yet bent

Pledging our heart to our alma mater to never go astray

Forged by years of friendship and brotherhood that tested but will never fray

Cleveland | 30 | Seeking to make small change with my words and thoughts. More material available on The East by West https://www.theeastbywest.com

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