The Baker is busy in her kitchen — busy creating with love and attention.

She opens her cookbook for the right recipe, knowing the guest best.

Peach Pillows

Pumpkin Muffins

Chocolate Chip Cookies

No, they just won’t do, together they each are in season for something new.

A dash of love

A tablespoon of friendship

A cup of heartache

And a stick of unending loyalty

Still not quite the right confectionary.

You mix patience and wise counsel

Sometimes you puree arrogance and self-pity

Yet you whisk away imperfections

Straining it to reveal what you know all along

Your dessert is imperfect and the process was a slog.

Add the sugar

It’s as ready as it gets

The guest is floored and believes it to be the best yet

The Baker is shocked and can’t believe this to be true

Yet it’s the care and detail the guest always valued and it tastes delightful too.

Cleveland | 30 | Seeking to make small change with my words and thoughts. More material available on The East by West

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